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It makes me a proud alumni of south Cobb to see you stand up so strong for the school. South Cobb has improved so much since you have been the principle and you show your true love for the school and realize every students potential. You will always be my favorite principle.

Excellent rebuttal. You are obviously a loving and caring principal, setting high standards and goals for the students. War Eagle!

SCHS Alum, Class of 75

Glad you were able to speak up and clarify. As a SCHS grad from a "few" years ago, I would hate to think that any of the info in the original article was a true account if what current students may be encountering each day.

Clas of 2007 ! THANK YOU Principal For your rebuttal your are a standup Leader in the school and community !!

You have been consistent and caring throughout your years at SCHS. You have an extra tough job being principal and PR spokesman. Your staff does an excellent job especially for the hours they spend at the school off they clock. We appreciate you. Mother of a '06, 08,&'10 graduate!

I just recently read the article and it is very disrespectful . SCHS is not the worst school in cobb county . We are actually one of the closest schools ever. I've never seen any other school come together the way we did to help console a family after the death of there son (Smile4BJ) nor have I ever seen a principle like ours care so much for his students . The newspaper can say what they want to say but I am proud of the high school is came from && always will be ! c/o 2011

Proud to be a 'War Eagle" Class of 1980.

I am also a Graduate of SCHS. I am proud to be a War Eagle I am Class of 1975 and things like this happened when I was in school. It happens at every school. I cannot believe that the MDJ would post such false statements. I do not know the Principal there but for him to say the things he said I am sure he is a wonderful man. Keep on Keeping on and don't let this get you down there is always going to be people who lie and fabricate stories. Especially ones who want to sell newspapers.

This rebuttal is simply moving. I have never been more proud to call myself a South Cobb Eagle. You have been an excellent leader to the South Cobb family from your first day and your dedication to the entire community is a testament to the reputation of SCHS. Our school is by no means perfect but even with the setbacks that occur and the obstacles we face our eagles rise to exceed expectations. Thank you for recognizing that we are more than what people think of us. Although I am sure people will continue to attempt to limit us, I know SCHS will always strive to be better.

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