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o nikos pinei iremos to kafedaki tou kapou sto syntagma,
kapoia stigmi vlepei to filo t to giwrgo kai pernaei apo
mprosta tou kai ton fonazei.
-giwrgo ela na se kerasw kafedaki kai na ta poume

-ti einai ola auta ta xartia pou exeis mprosta sou?

-logariasmoi giorgo mou eutixws tous eksoflisa kai to

-ti? kerdises to laxeio?

-oxi niko mou alla ekana kati pou mporousa na to kanw
eixe i gynaika mou kapoia kosmimata poume den ta forouse
kai kati skeuh asimenia pou den ta xrisimopoiousame,
ta peira loipon kai phga edw stin koloktroni 9 ston kurio
spiropoulo kai ta poulisa.
mou edwse kala leuta kai etsi eksoflisa olous tous logariasmous
mou kai tora to apolamvanw....


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